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Mobile Download FAQ's
Please read though the list of frequently asked questions first before contacting us.
Mobile FAQs

Mobile Download FAQ's

I haven’t received my order

Orders are usually sent immediately, but may take up to 24 hours if there are network problems. If you feel that your order should now have been received, and would like us to investigate and re-send your order, then click here. Orders will not be resent unless a reasonable amount of time has been allowed for your network to deliver. Also, orders will not be resent if the original call cannot be traced; or if the Mobile Number, or Product Number, is different from that given in your original call.

I cannot find collect product on www.partymob.com

You must collect your product from our WAP site. Enter www.partymob.com in your mobile browser or as a bookmark, not your PC, scroll to the collect product option and then enter the pin.

I cannot get WAP to work on my mobile

Contact your network provider. You may have to have your SIM DATA ENABLED.

I cannot connect to your WAP site

Make sure that you can connect to other WAP sites. Also check that your bookmark is correct. If problem persists, please click on the link to seek further help below.

I need to enter my PIN on the WAP site but I do not have WAP on my mobile.

If you do not have WAP services then you will have ordered a product that is not compatible with your mobile e.g. a polyphonic tone when you need a monophonic one.

I cannot enter my PIN number on the WAP site. It will not let me enter anything in the box.

Make sure that you have entered www.partymob.com using a bookmark. If you typed it into a WAP search this will be why.

How do I enter a bookmark on a Sharp GX10?

First of all click the centre M button. Then Click down to MY Phone. Then select My Bookmarks. Select add and enter the bookmark wap.partymob.com. You can now click on a bookmark using the centre M button and it will connect to that site.

How do I enter my PIN on a Panasonic GD87?

This mobile is not compatible with our polyphonic tones.

I have a Sagem X-5 and cannot download a Polyphonic Ringtone

This mobile is not compatible with our polyphonic tones.

I have a Ericsson T68i and cannot download a Ringtone

This mobile is not compatible with our monophonic or polyphonic tones.

From time to time, Partymob may contact customers by SMS to update them on exciting new products and special offers. Should you wish to be removed from our marketing list, please call 0871 222 5399. For more information on the processing of your data please see our Privacy Policy.


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